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April R. Smith, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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204 Spring St.  Suite 24

Cary  IL  60013

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  • Individual and Couple Therapy

  • Grief Therapy

  • Treatment for Depression and Bipolar Disorders

  • Change of Life Circumstances and Decision Making

  • Survivors of Abuse

  • Spiritual Issues

  • Parenting Support

My practice of psychology is limited to a small number of clients who wish to work hard with me to develop a stronger sense of themselves within the larger society.

          My primary training is in Adlerian Psychology, which emphasizes personal responsibility and social awareness--that each person understands his or her role as a contributing part of the whole. Thus, my philosophy is Values Based.  I believe that there are consequences to our actions and inactions and that we become fully human beings when we accept responsibility for our behavior and learn to change in order to become the persons we want to be and ought to be. In a culture that in many ways has given up on believing in right and wrong, a society that wants to make excuses for everything, the person who truly desires to come alive must behave responsibly.

          Though I believe in values, I don't see the therapist's role as that of judge. Nor is my approach to the individual client limited to any one therapeutic mode. The client's needs define the approach, which might include any of the psychological models or methods, and even art and poetry.

          Although I've worked with many kinds of issues, I have found myself to be especially helpful to abuse survivors, to couples and to devout persons who wish to work in a spiritually supportive environment outside of conventional religious counseling. Without promoting any set of fixed beliefs, I think it's fair to say that anyone trying to become a good person is more likely to be moving in the direction of mental health and positive relationships.

          I believe in the value of close, personal, caring relationships--families and couples sometimes need outside assistance to sort out goals and rediscover the reasons why they're together. Regrettably, relationships don't always work out.  Then, some individuals want help in redefining themselves.



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