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Something More About Me

Academic, Art, Literature and Clinical Preparation

B.A., Spanish, Mercyhurst College

B.A., Studio Art, University of Illinois, Chicago

M.A., Comparative Literature, Roosevelt University

M.A., Counseling, Northeastern Illinois University

Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, The Adler School of Professional Psychology

          Graduate study at other universities; and, extended study in Puerto Rico and Spain.

          Trained in printmaking in the private studio of Howard Albert and exhibited my art, which includes cover art for poetry books.

          I've taught high school Spanish and AP Psychology. I now teach in the graduate M.A. in Counseling program at Webster University in Crystal Lake, where I am also the student advisor, program coordinator, and clinical director.

          My therapeutic training and practice include work at the Harper College Community Counseling Center, Stevenson High School, The Adler School and the Northeastern Illinois University Counseling Center. I had a private practice in Glenview, IL before opening Compass Counseling in Cary, IL.        I am licensed as a Clinical Psychologist by the State of Illinois.

          I am married with children and grandchildren.

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          I believe it's important in the therapeutic relationship that there be a fit between the counselor and the client. There is no certain way of knowing what the ingredients of that fit might be, but I think it's important for the client to have some information about the therapist, especially in the way of credentials.  So, here is a brief description of mine. You'll be able to infer pretty readily that, although I've been doing this for a while, I didn't come to clinical psychology on a direct path. Maybe that's why I work so well with clients who are still discovering new things about themselves. I am, too.

Why Compass Counseling?

I began collecting compasses--old and new--many years ago. I enjoy the beauty of the craftsmanship and the excitement of holding a piece of history. In fact, I like old tools of all kinds, especially the ones that help builders make their work square and level. But, the compass, which is literally a tool for finding your way so you don't get lost at sea or in the woods, symbolizes for me the need for all of us to have a means to find our direction through the thickets of our lives.  Sometimes, we need another person to act as a guide; that's how I understand my role with the people that I work with.

COMPASS--Charting Your Journey