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204 S. Spring St.  Suite 24

Cary  IL  60013

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April R. Smith, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Just in case most of your ideas about psychologists come from movies and TV shows, here are some views of my office and of my approaches to counseling that might help dispel some of the common stereotypes and misconceptions.

Compass Counseling is not located in a strip mall, a fancy suburban office complex, an ultra-exclusive downtown high-rise, or an extra room of my house. It is upstairs in an old church building in what is still a small town.

When you walk south from Main St. two blocks down S. Spring Street in an old residential Cary neighborhood, this is what you see.

Here's my office.

    You were expecting wood paneling, right?  And a very large wooden desk with some very tasteful but expensive artifacts from someplace exotic.


    No Freudian fainting couch, either, though there are two comfortable small couches (not leather) and a lot of artwork.  Sort of a small, cozy living room--a safe space.


Compass--Charting Your Journey

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